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What is unique about this acronym generator?

This acronym generator is keyword based. It tries to use your keywords to generate the acronym component words. If it cannot use your keywords, it uses a thesaurus to find similar words to represent the meaning of your original keywords. This is what sets it apart from other 'theme based' acronym generators, or dictionary based ones. If you leave the optional chosen acronym input empty, it also uses synonyms as the acronym word itself. It is able to handle required words, which tells the acronym generator to include up to 3 of your absolutely required 'business essential' keywords somewhere in each result.

Where did the idea for the acronym generator come from?

About 4 years ago I was sitting at the train station in Dublin waiting for the DART (DUBLIN AREA RAPID TRANSIT). Looking at the DART's acronym name I began to imagine the potential of synonyms and programming. But I was a graphic designer and musician and didn't know how to program any functionality at all, so I watched a lot of video tutorials on javascript, and eventually I published

Sentient intelligence?

As it is merely a simple computer program requesting synonyms from a thesaurus, and not a sentient intelligent being (yet) it sometimes can be a bit chaotic, creating utter nonsense, although I have tried to limit this. Some people may find it a bit offensive at times, so remember, it does not mean any offense, it just doesn't know any better. (Sighs) Oh acronym generator! But mostly I hope people will find it fun, and that it can also be a useful tool, if it only offers a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic world of possibilities, or inspires a good business name, project name, company name, group name or organisation name. It is free to use, and I am interested in improving it, so your feedback is very welcome, thanks.

Paul O'Donovan
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